Part 3: Chapters 9-12

September 18, 2020, 9:00am (EDT)

Chapter 9 of the Directory discusses the Christian Community as participants in catechesis. This section explores the Church and the ministry of God’s Word, Eastern Churches, Parishes, and the Associations, Movements, and Groups of the Faithful.

Chapter 10 explores catechesis in the face of contemporary cultural scenarios and discusses: Catechesis in rural and urban settings, popular piety, and Catechesis in the context of ecumenism.

Chapter 11 discusses catechesis at the service of the inculturation of the faith. Topics cover the nature and goal of the inculturation of the faith, and local catechisms.

Lastly, Chapter 12 explains the organisms at the service of the Church, such as: The Holy See, The Synod of Bishops, and the role of the diocese.

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