What Do You Mean ‘Collaborate’? – Marti R. Jewell


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It is one thing to say we want to collaborate, and quite another to understand what that means. Research has discovered that the ability to work together and animate the community for mission is one of the hallmarks of good ministry. It turns out that how we collaborate depends largely on our leadership style. This workshop will provide insight into three models of leadership and collaboration. You will be able to recognize your own preferences and those of the members of your parish. Please join me for this interactive look what we mean by “collaborate.”

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Dr. Marti R. Jewell is an associate professor of pastoral theology in the Neuhoff School of Ministry at the University of Dallas. She served as the Director of the Emerging Models of Pastoral Leadership Project, a national research initiative studying excellence in parish leadership. Her books include Navigating Pastoral Transitions: A Parish Leaders’ Guide, The Changing Face of Church, and The Next Generation of Pastoral Leaders. She also served as an agency director in the Archdiocese of Louisville focusing on ministry formation. Dr. Jewell holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Catholic University of America.

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