Longing – Becky Eldredge


Product Type: Mp3 Recording

Longing: Retreat

An exploration of longing through contemplative silence, prayer, and kerygma. Addressing individual and communal aching.


As a wife, mother and ministry professional, Becky understands the value of finding rest and retreat from the busyness of life. Becky has led retreats for various parishes, dioceses, schools, campus ministries, and individuals for over 20 years accompanying thousands of busy people through experiences that deepen their faith, help prevent burnout and find the rest and peace their souls long. She is passionate about teaching people practical tools that help people grow their relationship with God within the reality of life. Her book Busy Lives & Restless Souls gives people a practical plan to deepen their prayer lives. As an Ignatian-Trained Spiritual Director with a Masters in Pastoral Studies, Becky has the knowledge and experience to lead people on a faith journey that transforms the heart and renews the mind. Becky shares life with her husband, Chris, and their children, Brady, Abby, and Mary.

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