Federation Advocate


For Corporate organizations such as: diocesan offices, publishers, educational institutions, religious communities, and other national organizations vested in catechesis with Hispanics.

Benefits: These members are eligible to vote, hold office (after attending two consecutive pre-conferences), and serve on committees.

Membership includes up to 4 members, additional members are $15.00 each. NCCL Membership must be current. Please send names and email addresses of the four members to FCH at office@fchcatechesis.org.

Corporate NCCL Membership must be current and you must be logged in to your account on NCCL.org for this membership to process.

**Thank you for your interest. Federation Advocates are an extension of NCCL membership designed for organizations and diocese, and require a current active Corporate or Diocesan membership. Once you are logged into an account with an active Corporate or Diocesan membership, this subscription will become available.
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