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Covering the full and authentic teachings of the Catholic Church and rooted in Scripture, Church Tradition, and Ignatian spirituality, Finding God: Our Response to God’s Gifts® starts children out on a life of intentional discipleship. This faith formation program helps foster a lived relationship with God through Jesus. Newly revised Grades 1 through 6 now invites students, teachers, catechists, and parents to fully recognize the presence of God through the use of multimedia. Finding God incorporates multimodal learning and utilizes multimedia to reinforce faith concepts, connect students with content, and enhance the learning process.

Developed to meet the needs of dioceses, parishes, schools, parents, and children, Growing with GOD: Safe and Sacred™ is a multi-faceted, innovative K – 8 child safety and family life program that is solidly grounded through Church teachings and the Catholic faith. This practical and systematic approach to child safety and social and emotional development is based on the belief that protecting children from abuse is the shared mission of families, churches, and communities. Children are empowered to respond to troubling and potentially dangerous situations using the strategies and techniques they are taught as part of the program and to see themselves as children of God, inherently deserving of respect and care.

Springs of Faith™ (Coming Soon) is a three-phase program for young adults, baptismal preparation*, and young Catholic families on the journey to faith and life in the Church. Springs of Faith builds upon the Catholic themes of community, welcoming, and faith and helps parishes welcome young adults and families who long for a faith community and may be considering having their children baptized in the Catholic Church.

*All references to/citations of the rite of Baptism in the Springs of Faith program are taken from the Order of Baptism of Children, Second Edition (2020), approved by the USCCB and confirmed by the Apostolic See.

Wanderlight: A Pilgrim’s Adventure™ is a groundbreaking Catholic video game for kids of all ages. The game invites players to explore the four pillars of the Catholic Faith in an engaging and beautiful world and venture out in their role as “the Pilgrim”—a seeker on a quest to discover and experience core teachings of the faith while practicing how to “walk in the light” and live as a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ. This game will be available July 1, 2020 visit wanderlightgame.com for more information.

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At Loyola Press, we help all people find God in all things. Everything we do is “for the greater honor and glory of God.” This phrase is the motto of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and flows from Saint Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises. This classical set of spiritual practices leads those who engage in them to a highly prayerful and active spirituality in the Catholic tradition. The whole aim of the exercises is to guide the seeker toward an inner freedom that allows a wholehearted yes to a life in God.  We understand the power of the written word, of image, of media in nurturing a vibrant relationship with God and others – so we see our mission as a “noble cause”, and we work diligently each day to accomplish our goals.

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