HUB Conversations’s Docs See this official annoucment and "gift" article. Let's discuss the importance of parish-centric innovations to address the "NONES" Bishop Barron sought to address at the Annual Convocation.

TO:            HUB-Conversation Group Members.

FROM:     Secretary for Laity, Family, and Life.

RE:            Official Announcement.



At its core, ministry is about life: life in Christ; life in the Church; life in service to God and to one another. Life includes change. We constantly embrace new horizons and cross new thresholds. This, too, is part of life.

It has been a pleasure to minister with you over the past several years through the various leadership roles I have occupied within our diocese. My primary focus has been to animate leadership, foster mature discipleship, and promote vibrant communities of faith. I’ve toiled to seed the concept of evangelization as, proclamation – initiation – catechesis. My aim has always been “making-disciples” through inviting, encouraging, and supporting parishes in providing broad and permeable pastoral initiatives that are comprehensive, systematic, lifelong, and ongoing so that we might engage people in the mission Jesus entrusted to us. It is Christ who saves, but it falls to us to accompany people on the journey to encounter Him. Therefore, I have always tried to build-up and empower others – peers, colleagues, team (staff), constituents, and so-forth.

Now it is time for me to step into a new arena. Bishop Noonan has asked me to pioneer a different approach to parish governance within our local church. I ask for your prayers as I will begin the new, and first-ever in our diocese, role of Director of Parish Life in mid-July. I will oversee all aspects (administrative, personnel, catechetical/sacramental/pastoral, and social outreach, etc.) of the parish on a day-to-day basis with the canonical appointment of a priest-administrator who is offsite. I will be leaving my current role on June 25, 2019 for some long-planned family time.

While I don’t feel as though I completed everything that I would have liked before embarking on this new endeavor, I do believe that I improved upon what I received; I am satisfied with our accomplishments. I am proud of how we expanded and grew the ministry leadership and formation efforts within the diocese – because we did it together.

Feel free to stay in touch. You will always occupy a special place in my heart. My mobile telephone number will remain the same. My new contact information for the Parish of St. Joseph ( will be available soon. As a personal gift to you, I have compiled some of my musings into an article (see attached). Enjoy!



Dennis L. Johnson, Jr.
Secretary for Laity, Family, and Life