Leveraging the Power of Digital Media for Communal Prayer

May 14, 2020, 9:00am America/New_York

The recent pandemic has thoroughly transformed the way we, as Catholics, engage our faith. Above all, we have learned that engagement goes well beyond the walls of the church. Just live-streaming Mass is NOT enough.

When thinking about creating or redesigning a parish’s website and social media strategy, it’s easy to determine what information we as church want to share with our audience, both parishioners and potential newcomers. The recently changed landscape of ministry at every level requires that we consider not merely engagement, but accompaniment as well.

Information sharing and storytelling are certainly important. The power of today’s social media is that it must not only be a one-way conversation. Social media must facilitate two-way conversations. We must use our digital platforms to engage and accompany the deep conversations- because we will all come out of this pandemic in different places spiritually.

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