Taste of Dubuque

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Receive transportation throughout the city of Dubuque, exploring a variety of restaurants and pubs. This hop on/hop off tour will provide transportation throughout the city, a map of participating spots, discounted menu items available for … Read More

National River Museum and Aquarium

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Part aquarium, part museum, part science center, the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium inspires stewardship by creating educational experiences where history and rivers come alive! Receive a discounted rate for the museum and aquarium, … Read More

NCCL: Time to Take a Good Hard Look

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by Mark Mogilka from the November 2019 issue of Catechetical Leader, available for download here. Perhaps you’ve heard the old curse that says “May you live in interesting times.” Few would argue that the world … Read More

NCCL Annual Appeal

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NCCL Annual Appeal: Inspire hope. Inspire faith. Inspire transformation.  As a community of professional leaders in ministry in the Catholic Church, we are called to missionary discipleship. We can’t do this alone. We need each other. NCCL equips … Read More

NCCL launches new social platform.

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NCCL is happy to announce an improvement to the social platform on NCCL.org. Below is a playlist of all our “How-to” videos on the platform. Be sure to watch them all to learn how to … Read More

Thank you 24/7 Donors!

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Albert Pompeo Alejandra Montelongo Alison Pope Alma Castro Amanda Schuster Amelia Cepeida Amy Ankenbruck Amy Davis Amy Spessard Amy Wallschlaeger Ana Maria Alstrum Andrea Maier Andrew Petiprin Angela Ann Zukowski Angela Baumann Anisha V. Verma … Read More

NCCL Elects New At-Large Board Members

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During the 2019 Annual Convocation and Membership Meeting, three new At-Large Board Members were elected by the Representative Council. Sara Carey was elected to serve another three-year term on the Board and will continue to … Read More