Catechetical Sunday
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SEPTEMBER 16, 2018

Enlisting Witnesses for Jesus Christ

“Let us all remember this: one cannot proclaim the Gospel of Jesus without the tangible witness of one’s life.
Those who listen to us and observe us must be able to see in our actions what they hear from our lips, and so
give glory to God! I am thinking now of some advice that Saint Francis of Assisi gave his brothers: preach the
Gospel and, if necessary, use words. Preaching with your life, with your witness.” Pope Francis

Catechetical Sunday Resources

A variety of resources from the NCCL and our partners to support your community of faith on the Catechetical Sunday theme.

The Effective Catechetical Leader Series

The Effective Catechetical Leader series (also available in Spanish), developed in a partnership with Loyola Press and the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership, is written by some of the top catechetical leaders in the country. It is the only series to encompass all the various aspects of catechetical leadership. This series provides the practical skills, strategies, and approaches that ensure successful parish faith formation in an evangelizing manner, which leads directly to a vibrant Church.

For each book in the series, the Catechetical Sunday Toolkit offers two resources per book in both English and Spanish:
1. Activity sheets providing self assessment and reflection tools for the catechetical leader.
2. Powerpoint presentations to assist catechetical leaders in unpacking the key themes while gathered in community.

Whether someone is full time with a Master’s Degree or part time volunteer, they have a vocation. This is not a job. It is a calling -Joe PaprockiReflecting on the Vocation of the Catechist

Called By Name

Preparing Yourself for the Vocation of Catechetical Leader. Focusing what catechetical leaders need to be, as opposed to what they need to know or do, if they are to lead effective.

Llamados por nuestro nombre

Prepararse para la vocación de líder catequético
El libro Llamados por nuestro nombre se centra en la vocación del líder catequético y en lo que el líder catequético necesita ser, en contraste con lo que este necesita saber o hacer.

Catechetical Leadership

What It Should Look Like, How It Should Work, and Whom It Should Serve Examining the specific leadership skills and competencies that are necessary for a catechetical leader to be effective in a parish setting.

Liderazgo catequético

Cómo debe ser, cómo debe organizarse y a quién debe servir. El libro Liderazgo catequético examina específicamente las destrezas y competencias de liderazgo que son necesarias para que un líder catequético sea efectivo en su comunidad parroquial.

Developing Disciples of Christ

Understanding the Critical Relationship between Catechesis and Evangelization. This book centers on the inseparability of evangelism and catechesis, and gives catechetical leaders a proper understanding of their interconnectedness.

Formar discipulos de Cristo

Cómo entender la relación fundamental entre la catequesis y la evangelización. El libro Formar discípulos de Cristo enfatiza la relación entre la catequesis y la evangelización y ofrece a líderes catequéticos un entendimiento de su interrelación.

Cultivating Your Catechists

How to Recruit, Encourage and Retain Successful Catechists. Teaching catechetical leaders how to recruit, train, support, inspire, supervise, evaluate, and retain catechists in their parishes.

Cultivar catequistas

Cómo reclutar, alentar y conservar a catequistas exitosos. Este libro enseña a líderes catequéticos cómo reclutar, capacitar, apoyar, inspirar, supervisar, evaluar y conservar a catequistas en sus parroquias.

Excellence in Ministry

Best Practices for Successful Catechetical Leadership. Sharing time-tested skills and strategies for successful catechetical leadership, while also identifying and proposing new approaches to leadership.

Excelencia en el ministerio

Las mejores prácticas para un liderazgo catequético exitoso. Desde los presupuestos hasta las evaluaciones, este libro comparte destrezas, estrategias y nuevos métodos probados para un liderazgo catequético exitoso.

All God’s People

Effective Catechesis in a Diverse Church. Considering the wide variety of people to be catechized and offers strategies for catechetical leaders to engage all of them in life-giving formation.

Todo el pueblo de Dios

Catequesis eficaz en una Iglesia diversa.
El libro Todo el pueblo de Dios considera la amplia variedad de personas que son catequizadas y ofrece estrategias para que los líderes catequéticos cultiven en todas una formación que cambia la vida.

Celebrate Catechetical Sunday

Learn some tips on how to celebrate Catechetical Sunday from a Director of Religious Education with this article from CATECHIST magazine.

Kerygmatic Proclamation of Jesus Christ

"With all the noise and distractions that characterize life today, it is a challenge to capture people's attention. This is true even when the intent is to introduce them to Jesus Christ and proclaim the life-changing message of the Gospel." Dr. Michael Steier.

USCCB Catechetical Sunday Resources

Visit the USCCB website for downloads, graphics, inserts, and more.

Gospel Weeklies

A variety of resources for directors, catechists and teachers to link the Sunday Gospel to various activities, including videos.

Pep Talks For Catechists

Excerpted from Pep Talks for Catechists by Sr. Janet Schaeffler, OP. A glimpse into unpacking the questions:

"Why did I say yes? We're about to begin and it seems so overwhelming."
" It's difficult to bring God to people. How could I ever do that?"

Catholic Discipleship

A new resource for parishes that want to grow in their identity as missionary disciples. Features 12 units focusing on fundamental dimensions of what it means to be a disciple in today's world.

Creative Catechist Planner

Creative lesson planning enlists disciples for Christ. Activities, reflections, and resources for catechists.

Six Key To Making Lifelong Disciples

Our biggest challenge in RCIA formation is deepening the conversion of our seekers to such a level that they become lifelong disciples of Christ.

This task is so mysterious and so overwhelming that we sometimes give in to temptation. The temptation is to tell ourselves that it is up to the Holy Spirit, not us, to convert hearts. Our job, we are tempted to say, is simply to make sure the seekers know the teaching of the church.

While it is true that conversion of hearts is the work of the Spirit, each of us has been given spiritual gifts through which the Spirit acts.

The National Initiative on Adolescent Catechesis

A Vision for Adolescent Catechesis.
Young people grow in their Catholic faith by falling in love with the person and message of Jesus Christ, and mature in faith when they let that love form and transform them within the Church, a community of disciples. Adolescent catechesis is one stage of a lifelong process of embracing the Catholic way of life that forms young disciples by empowering them to know and follow Christ in their daily lives, thus becoming leaven for the Kingdom of God in the world. Download the vision and outcomes of this initiative.

The PAC began in 2003 as a national collaborative focused on promoting a comprehensive and contemporary vision of adolescent catechesis in the Roman Catholic Church, committed to developing effective structures and approaches to Catholic faith formation and evangelization of younger and older adolescents in parishes and schools. 

Access resources here.

The Joy of Adolescent Catechesis

Moving from Dreaming to Doing: Creating a Roadmap for Effective Adolescent Catechesis - Presenters Ela Milewska & Joan Boutross
How to make a practical plan for transforming adolescent catechesis in your parish or school. As part of this, we will look at how to:
• engage your community to create spaces and moments for welcome, conversation, and conversion
• tap into existing structures to be a launch pad for change
• make small changes in our Confirmation preparation ministries that can have a big impact on young people
• create a concrete blueprint that is do-able and timely.

This webinar is the final part of a three part series on strategies for bringing to life the national document, "The Joy of Adolescent Catechesis" and is sponsored by the Partnership for Adolescent Catechesis comprised of NFCYM, NCEA and NCCL. This session will be moderated by Michael Theisen with NFCYM.

Living Faith Kids

A resource for children, providing Scripture and prompts for faith sharing.

Living Faith

A resource for catechists, providing Scripture and prompts for faith sharing.

Catechetical Sunday Toolkit

Learn more about Catechetical Sunday through this downloadable toolkit, which includes:
A Catechetical Sunday Faith Fact
A Prayer for My Catechist Activity
Celebrating Catechetical Sunday eBook
Prayer for a Catechist’s Soul Prayer Card