Margaret MatijasevicConference

The ministerial landscape is changing at a rapid pace due to long-term systemic issues as well as the recent global pandemic. Ministry leaders are trying to adapt to an ever-changing situation. Prayerfully seeking faithful, practical, new possibilities for accompaniment, we acknowledge that Christ is present in our discernment and that he awaits us in our response. As Pope Francis said in his letter to catechists:


Catechists are creative; they seek to use different means and forms to proclaim Christ. . . . This endeavor to make Jesus known as the highest form of beauty brings us to encounter new signs and ways to transmit the faith. . . . Keep in mind the style of Jesus who adapted to the people he had before him in order to bring them closer to the love of God. . . . We [catechists] must not have fear because he is ahead of us in this task. He is already in today’s man and he awaits us there.[1] (emphasis added)


[1] Pope Francis, Message to participants in the first International Catechetical Symposium (July 5, 2017).

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