NCCL Membership Meeting Process

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Members of NCCL are encouraged to participant in the NCCL Membership Meeting Process beginning September 19, 2020. This is a process of listening and discernment as the NCCL Board or Directors and Staff present a new vision for our organization.

Members will have access to 4 videos, each exploring a different aspect of our organizational story. While you can watch these at your leisure, we suggest the following order:

Introduction to the Process 
Denise Utter, President, Chair of the NCCL Board of Directors

Begin the process by taking a look back at the past year. Chair, President of the Board of Directors, Denise Utter, will share highlights from the Meitler Final Report and provide us with a glimpse of the future vision for NCCL.

Financial Story
John Gaffney, NCCL Board Treasurer

Learn more about our financial story from NCCL Treasuerer, John Gaffney. This presentation will take a look at the 2019 and 2020 fiscal years and discuss factors that contributed to our current financial standing. Deepen your understanding of the current ministry landscape and hear how this could impact our finances moving forward.

Vision, Mission, and Brand Identity 
Victoria Radleigh Smith, Director of Mission Integration

Director of Mission Integration, Victoria Radleigh Smith, will propose a refreshed vision for our organizational identity. Rooted in our Catholic tradition, this vision will include a new organizational mission, core values, and brand identity. Her proposal reflects the recommendations from the Meitler Report and decisions made by the NCCL Board of Directors.

Bylaws, Structure, and Processes 
Margaret Matijasevic, NCCL Executive Director

Lastly, learn more about our organization structures from Executive Director, Margaret Matijasevic. This includes newly proposed bylaws which include a new model for membership, a more diverse Board of Directors, and new network models for members to engage and share in the mission of the organization.

Eligible voting members of NCCL will have 10 days to vote on the proposed bylaws for our organization.

Voting will close on September 29th at 5:00pmPT.

Those with questions will be able to submit them to the Board of Directors via a form on the website.

To access the Membership Meeting Process, please login to your active individual account and click on the NCCL Membership Meeting Process link on the top menu bar.