Will the pandemic force the Catholic Church to transform?

Margaret MatijasevicFeatured, News

While the church has a vast body of members, the pandemic is leaving one of the oldest religious institutions in financial limbo.

“We didn’t realise how much the Spirit would force us to look at who we are and how we do things,” said Margaret Matijasevic, executive director at National Conference for Catechetical Leadership, a leading group in Catholic religious education in the US, referring to the financial crisis the church faces.

“Now you’re in the crisis point where you’re losing your main business model, which is based on the parish business model – and the same thing is happening with many national organisations that have mimicked that model,” Matijasevic said.

Due to the pandemic, not only most public services, educational and private business activities, but also religious congregations have also stopped, decreasing much-needed incomes to the church from their parishioners.

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