A Path of Transformation: Embracing our Crossroads Moment

Denise UtterBlog, NCCL Board of Directors

by Sara Carey, Board of Directors

I began my journey with NCCL when I attended the annual convocation hosted by my province, in Louisville in 2005.  As a fairly new parish catechetical leader, I was overwhelmed by the expertise and resources shared by members, whether they be speakers, exhibitors, or participants.  I valued what I learned from them and recognized the importance of NCCL. The following year I joined a committee and have been involved ever since.  

I’m sure that many of you have similar stories, and that you share in my love for and support of NCCL. If so, you also know that we are at a crossroads. In order to ensure NCCL’s importance and relevance for today and tomorrow, we need to take a serious look at the shifting landscape of the American Church and make necessary changes to the organization. This will allow us to provide for the changing needs of catechetical and evangelization leaders, and those to whom we minister.

Thus, we need your support in this new endeavor. Whether you’ve heard it from your Representative, or read it in CL Magazine, or one of our email bulletins, you should now be aware of the Board’s decision to contract Meitler consultants to guide us along the path of transformation. But, for this process to produce any meaningful change, we need you! We felt so strongly about this decision to seek Meitler’s guidance that 100% of the Board of Directors committed to the Annual Appeal this year, which will go entirely to this process. If you haven’t already made a gift, you can still do so here: https://nccl.wpengine.com/product/annual-appeal/. If you have, thank you!

You should have already received an email with a link to a survey requesting your feedback. A lot of reflection, dialogue, and the wisdom of Meitler’s consultants have gone into crafting this survey in order to better gather the perspective of leaders in the field.  Your feedback will assist us discerning who and what NCCL and our members are being called to be today, so that we might live more fully into our mission, serving Jesus, and his Church.

Please take the time to thoughtfully respond to this survey. Speak your mind—we are listening! We also ask you to share this survey with others who have an interest in NCCL – whether past, present, or future – so we can gain insights from those who might not currently be involved. The survey is available in English and Spanish.

I can’t imagine a future without NCCL. My own ministry would not be as effective without the people and resources of NCCL. Maybe yours would feel the void as well. But together we can write the next chapter. Thank you for all you do for our Church and God’s people! 

Feel free to contact your Representative or any Board member with questions, comments, and suggestions.

Bless you!