Fiscal Year 2020: The Year of Making the NCCL Budget Sexy

Denise UtterBlog, NCCL Board of Directors

By John Gaffney, NCCL Treasurer

Fiscal Year 2020: The Year of Making the NCCL Budget Sexy

Do I have your attention?  Perhaps a better title is “Fiscal Year 2020: Moving from Speed-Dating to a Meaningful Relationship.”  Think about a time when you were dating and trying to find Mr. or Mrs. Right.  As you moved closer to a commitment, you needed to acknowledge who you are and what you really want from the relationship.  The same is true regarding NCCL and its relationship with members and partners, as well as your relationship with NCCL: what are your needs in your parish or diocesan ministry and how can you best communicate those needs to NCCL Leadership to support our shared mission? 

The NCCL budget is a living document that aligns our values, mission and strategic plan to the programming and products that make a difference in your ministry.  In 2019, we have formed the NCCL Finance Committee whose membership includes those who have financial acumen but also ministerial competence on the parish, diocesan and non-profit level.  We have focused conversations to help raise the financial I.Q. of the NCCL Board of Directors and Executive Director.  We also propose two changes to the budget process going forward:

  • Lengthen the planning process, and
  • Broadening the input from members (individual, diocesan and corporate) and partners throughout the year to provide honest feedback of what you desire of NCCL.

The keys to a successful budgeting process going forward include:

   NCCL will clearly identify programmatic and product objectives, aligning strategic planning to this.  

  Determine the financial resources needed and available to achieve the program and product goals.

   Involve staff, board members and membership into the process to improve accuracy of information, commitment and engagement.

   Communicate clearly, and throughout the year, the financial story of NCCL.  

By living into the above four keys, we value our relationship with you as a member of NCCL.

We affirm you have found the right ministry partner to journey with.  

That this relationship is worth keeping, growing and sharing.  

Change will not happen overnight, but going slow and steady will take all of us to new heights.

Talking to each other in diverse ways is essential.  It will help us to know what to accomplish and keep us focused on results.  

NCCL is our organization and I am your steward for a little while focused on the financial strength of our community.  A critical part of my role and that of the Finance Committee is to attend to the creation and monitoring of the budget.  A common complaint is that an organization’s financial health is held by too few people.  If we keep the four keys in mind, aim to be realistic and involve the Board, staff and members, we will see benefits to the financial health of NCCL.

Please contact me at for more information on the budget process, the NCCL Finance Committee or any issue you would like to discuss that is related to the financial story of NCCL.  It is an honor to serve you in this role.