NCCL Leadership and You

Denise UtterBlog, NCCL Board of Directors

You’ve heard more than once this year that NCCL is a membership organization. If you attended the 2019 annual convocation you may have seen the infographic below that shared how the leadership of the organization works. Your Board of Directors is hard at work this summer ensuring that NCCL meets the needs of our members. To do this we need the engagement of the members of this organization. 

What does that mean? Well, for starters, it means we need an active Representative Council that brings the needs of their constituents (you) to the Board of Directors. Who is your representative? You can find out here –  

Are you in a Province that is lacking representation, or that is underrepresented (has either the Diocesan representation, or the Parish Catechetical Leader representation, but not both)? Could you recommend representation? Or are you qualified to represent your region?  Refer to the qualifications in this document You can find the process for representation selection here

This year’s Representative Council comes at a pivotal point in our organization’s history as the Board and the Council reimagine what the organization looks like in the future, and how we meet the needs of our Church’s ministry leaders in our changing landscape. Are you and your interests represented? If you have questions, please feel free to contact one of your Board of Directors.

NCCL Board of Directors

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