Raffle for FREE Registration to #NCCL Annual Convocation

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Post and enter a chance to win. Don’t forget to use hashtag #NCCL!

8 Comments on “Raffle for FREE Registration to #NCCL Annual Convocation”

  1. I would love the opportunity for Reflection and learning new insights to share with others I. Our parish and community. #NCCL

  2. Attending the NCCL conference would ba a great opportunity to network, dialogue and gather resources for my catechists and program. #NCCL

  3. Nurturing means the continued growth in the knowledge of the Word and faith thereby increasing the ability to share with others the love of God given to us through Jesus Christ his Son who saves us and gives us life.

  4. I cant wait! I love these events they are so enriching and love meeting other people. Blessings to everyone in this journey!!

  5. I think this will be an amazing opportunity for me to continue growing as a Christian, to meet with people who have the same love for Jesus and others like me, and learn how to help and nurture our catechism at my parish and myself. I really look forward to participate in the annual convocation. #nccl
    Lyanamar Medina

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