Webinar: Adult Faith Formation Practices for Mature Adults

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Webinar on Adult Faith Formation Practices for Mature Adults

April 10, 2018,  3-4pm EST

Hosted in conjunction with Ave Maria Press

Adult faith formation is all-encompassing; adult faith formation for today’s mature adults (55-75 years) needs to be broad, wide and deep. In previous webinars we talked about young adults and mid-life adults; today—with our growing longevity—mature adults is a “new” generation seeking on-going faith formation.  The “delivery systems” for adult faith formation are many and varied, especially for this age group who – along with many similarities – are also very diverse in their life styles, their activity and vibrancy

This webinar will explore some of background principles for what we might do in our parishes today as well as practical, use-able, sensible and realistic methods and practices.

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